Hannah Shabb

Journal Entry For
Module 8B - Structural Analysis Test Cases

This week, I continued working on my structural model and added roofs above the green roof to encourage use even in rainy months, which are common in Washington.

In addition, I created 3 Isolated beam cases (linked above and shown below).

I chose these three beams because they are the longest and also some have greater loads than other beams would in the structure. All the structural system is Wood, a Western species specifically that is locally sourced. I applied varying area loads (live and dead) based on Glenn's video recommendations.

The main structural challenge I have found is that the levels are slightly offset from each other so the structure shifts slightly by level.

Beam 1


Beam 2


Beam 3


In terms of HVAC, I am not too worried about the beams and my structural system being a problem.