Raul Sanchez

Journal Entry For
Module 8B - Structural Analysis Test Cases

My 2 main challenges for my model so far are the structure for the floor between the 2 blocks, (bridge), and depending on the structural analysis of the beams and its size, the free space for the HVAC systems.

The floor in the center of the buildings spans 15 m between them. I'm thinking on going with a truss for this floor to avoid blocking the open space under the bridge and not compromising the architecture of the Exhibit Center. By using a truss there is no need to put a column in the middle to support the floor. This floor would be the only element of the model that has steel structure.

Moreover, after the structural analysis I would have to double check on the height between the new beams and the ceiling to make sure that the instalations are able to pass through. The floors have a height of 5 m between them to allow 1 m for the HVAC systems, leaving 4 m of height from floor to ceiling. I considered 4 m to the ceiling to have a comfortable height and give the feeling of "huge" spaces and rooms for the visitors. Depending on the beams dimensions, this height might change.

I consider that 1 m is enough for the HVAC instalations with a beam of 70 cm in height for the worst case scenario. However, if the beam dimensions result to be higher than expected, there is enough space to play around with the ceiling. A floor-ceiling height of 3.50 can be given in a worst case scenario but that would decrease the visual impact that the rooms would have on the visitors, as it was initially intended.

BIM 360

Case 1

Beam 30 x 75 cm

Span: 9.37 m

Location: Lobby 2F


Case 2

Beam 30 x 75 cm

Span: 10.20 m

Location: Exhibition Space 2F (Library)


Case 3

Beam 30 x 70 cm

Span: 6.75 m

Location: Restrooms 2F



Decided on switching from RC to a steel structure for the purposes of being able to do the analysis in Robot. Placed trusses for the floor in between the 2 buildings.