Solomon Kim

Journal Entry For
Module 8B - Structural Analysis Test Cases

Your Design Journal entries this week should highlight your design thinking about:

  • the sizes of the three critical beam test case framing elements
  • any special structural challenges
  • how you expect the computed beam sizes will affect the space available for your HVAC design elements in the next module

I was having issues with the Robot Structural Analysis. So, attached below are the dimensions of the beams that I used for my project. I used a beam with length 36'0". I could theoretically use beams of 40'0" and 60'0" this would inevitably require me to have less room for Virtual Realtity exhibitions. However, the benefit would be that I would be able to have more detailed and more immersive experiences that have better additional features. Additional features include fans/moving floors/haptic experiences. in regards to the HVAC design elements, I envision that my beam sizes will allow for ample room to still utilize the HVAC design elements in the next module therefore I am not worried. HVAC systems will be especially important for my project because I will be utilizing a lot of fans to make the VR experience even more immersive.