Jordan Brinn

Los Angeles, CA
San Francisco, CA (Haight-Ashbury area)

Hey yall! My name is Jordan, I live in San Francisco, and I'm a masters student in SDC.

I also did my undergrad at Stanford in EnvSE.

I've interned in the preconstruction department of a utility-scale solar and wind EPC where I worked on RFPs and used online videos to teach myself Autocad so that I could help with takeoffs (I wish I had known about Glenn's videos then!)

I took 220A last summer, and I learned so much from working through the videos and assignments and wanted to continue doing so. I've focused on energy efficient/nze strategies including layout, HVAC, and envelope components and how to model the resulting energy outcomes in other courses, so my goal for this quarter is to better my understanding of 1) how to physically design energy efficiency building elements and 2) structural and safety components of building design. Outside of school, I like to run and bake/cook.