Joshua Dimasaka
Joshua Dimasaka

Joshua Dimasaka

Los Angeles, CA
Stanford, CA, USA (PST)

I'm Josh! I'm a second-year master's student in SDC-structures. I'm in the Pacific Time Zone.

I'm a licensed civil engineer in the Philippines where I worked as a structural engineer in Arup Manila. I'd been involved in structural design, peer review, quantity and cost (concrete, rebar, and steel) estimation, and a lot of coordination meetings (that I really enjoyed!) of high-rise buildings (up to 50-floor levels).

I'm interested in taking CEE 220B because of the usefulness of Revit in my previous design coordination experience wherein people from different backgrounds gather together to resolve any issues such as impossible pipe penetration through the concrete beam, wrong alignment of connections, and defining a clear load path for structural design. As there's a competition in the digitalization of the built environment that I've seen in the industry, I aim to acquire the skills to understand the API of these software programs and how we can connect these in a single pipeline of clear design coordination.

I already took CEE 220C under Glenn and I want to further develop my skill in Revit!

Aside from my interest in the built environment, I'm currently in a research work that applies machine learning to integrate the satellite images into the new USGS economic loss estimation after an earthquake. In short, I love built environment design and its use in disaster response!

I like reading a lot and I recommend Isabel Wilkerson's Caste" The Origins of our Discontents!