Ty Stinson
Ty Stinson

Ty Stinson

Los Angeles, CA

Boston, Massachusetts


Howdy Everyone! My name is Tyler Stinson, and I’m working on my Graduate Certificate in Virtual Design and Construction. I

I am here in Boston (Eastern Time). Boston is my home town - I graduated from Wentworth Institute of Technology, with a B.S. in Architecture. I’m a huge fan of Revit and BIM. I took the intro class in the fall with Glenn and absolutely loved it! and have been looking forward to this class to improve my BIM modeling skills and coordination.

My experience in the industry was working at several different BIM firms helping to improve large scale projects with the help of my BIM team.

I’m interested in taking this class because I would like to push my Revit skills to be able to model complex ideas and buildings and help others out with their models. Parametric modeling has always interested me.

Happy modeling!