Jinglin Duan

What does sustainability mean to me?

Sustainability to me means it is self sufficient (or at least close to it). I imagine something that doesn't sap too many resources from the surrounding buildings or the power grid. I imagine something that isn't so vastly resource demanding per occupant of the building. I also imagine something that promotes nature. Either being surrounded by it or somewhat replicates it from the materials. Concrete or steel by itself is not very 'organic' feeling — whereas timber blends in quite nicely with nature. If a building uses any of these manmade materials, I feel like it should make it up by being more energy and resource efficient — and the use of these structural materials is purely for the strength and design aesthetic of the building.


Gardens by the bay is a good source of inspiration when it comes to sustainability. I imagine a manmade structure replicating and promoting the outdoors all the while being energy efficient. It's cool because it's in a concrete jungle but there's so much greenery that surrounds the area.