Joshua Dimasaka
Joshua Dimasaka

Joshua Dimasaka

  • What Does [Sustainabiliy] Mean? Please share a brief list of the concepts, ideas, and goals that come to your mind when you think about sustainability and promoting a sustainable built environment.
    • A sustainable building design involves the use of materials that have less environmental impact while satisfying the intended functionality in both short and long term. Locally sourced materials can be used to reduce the carbon emission due to the needed transportation of materials. Depending on the level of required performance, each element of the building may be redesigned to incorporate low-cost materials such as wood instead of concrete or steel. Sustainability can also be achieved providing efficient normal systems such as ventilation and lighting to minimize the use of electricity for its daily operation. It is also important to note that sustainability should not happen only in the finished designed product but also during its construction and demolition.
  • What Inspirational Examples Can We Learn From? Please also create a list of specific projects, products, services, and features that you would recommend as inspirational examples that promote sustainability and a sustainable built environment. Who are the best of the best?
    • The best example would be the Y2E2 building of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford.
    • Before COVID-19, the atrium area was my favorite place because it has natural lighting and it doesn't feel crowded because of the perfectly managed open space. I also liked the idea of structural bracing to enhance the performance and to reduce possible loss and associated carbon emission when a large earthquake happens. The toilet also uses recycled water for cleaning the urinal.
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