Lucie Nordman

Journal Entry For
Module 7 - Building Envelope Systems
  • Building envelope:
    • South side: curtain wall-Still adjusting the properties. Would like to make it Triple layered if possible.
    • North: in progress... still playing with how I can alter the north wall.
    • In the rooms that have voids on the north side, I selected CMU insulated on the interior to help maintain the temperature of the rest of the floor. The structurally important walls have a 2hr fire protection.
  • Shading features
    • I plan to add some shading features outside on the second or 3rd levels to make an outdoor gathering area on the 1st level

Predicted Building Energy Performance:

My model did okay at 15.5 kBtu/ft sq/yr. I have a lot of work to do if I want to reach my goal for net zero.


Predicted Daylighting Levels:

On the northern side of my building, I created 2 voids to take advantage of the sunlight. I initially wanted to make the north side a curtain wall, but it couldn't form due to the complexity of the wall. I am still trying to figure out how to mold the interior walls to slant with the exterior wall. If this shape is too complex, I might have to simplify it more. This resulted in the north side getting little to no light.

The 2 offices on the south side will get windows added.
The 2 offices on the south side will get windows added.

The building model didn't register the roof (in the energy analytical model) when undergoing the analysis. However, it did recognize were the stairwell shafts, which both have the highest PV potential. There is plenty of space on the roof for PV panels. I would predict this would help the energy levels of the building.