AnaClare Sole

Journal Entry For
Module 8 - Structural Framing Systems
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For my structural system, I used a steel frame system because I think it goes with the building design better. Also, a steel frame structure is more sustainable than wood frames because it requires less material - so this goes with one of my overall design goals. For my beam system, I created a grid with intersections ~20-30 feet. For my structural columns and beams, I tried to line up these framing elements with the interior walls so that they aren’t visible; however, there are a few places (such as the lobby and cafe) where a structural column runs through the room. These are bigger spaces, so I am okay with that. The only challenge I am having is creating a structural system on the second level of my building. Right now, the second level consists of a green roof and two structural walls that host stairs and an elevator shaft. However, I am struggling with what floor to use (the roof of the first story divides the stairs right now).