Daphne Jacobsberg

Journal Entry For
Module 8 - Structural Framing Systems

Here were the list of design decision I made in order to help guide me:

  • to have structure be visible but not main feature
  • natural light (for increased well-being) but not too much because of heat
  • as much natural ventilation as possible to feel like outside ( my concept of sustainability = replicating nature as much as possible)
  • try to use architectural system as structural system as much as possible which is why I chose concrete
  • ideally pre-cast to build faster
  • not too worried about having large spans (expensive) because I want to guide people in making a purposeful path through the building, nature also has obstacles and choices have to be made (way of preserving nature)
  • still keeping the roof flexible for potential photovoltaic panels which I think should be a priority over more space for people to inhabit
  • slab foundation adjusted to connect with floor

The simplicity in my design was helpful in the sense of not having stairs but the irregular shape made grid lines and alignment in general very tricky. Overall, I think this is a good start. I'm glad I challenged myself with this design.

Level 2 - Structural:


Merged model: