Hannah Shabb

Journal Entry For
Module 8 - Structural Framing Systems

Overall Strategy/Material:

-I chose wood as the structural material for multiple reasons

1, it aesthetically aligns the interior with the exterior (I chose to keep the structural elements exposed in the cases they are visible)

2, The wood chosen is from nearby wood source, reducing embodied carbon impacts due to transportation emissions.

Location of Structural Elements

-I chose a grid that follows the exterior walls for each floor

-This grid is generally 20-30' on average, completed with a Glulam beam system and columns

Special Challenges

-Floors are slightly offset from one another, making the strucutral elements shift slightly each floor

-I would like to do further investigation into this in the future

-I also need to adjust structural elements for the stairs and other openings.


BIM 360 Link:

**Note: the models are at a different origin, a problem I need to go back and fix**