Joshua Dimasaka

Journal Entry For
Module 8 - Structural Framing Systems
  • Overall strategy and the features of the structural system
    • Dual system - the reinforced concrete moment frame and core shear wall will act together to resist the lateral force.
  • Material and framing system selected
    • All will be made of reinforced concrete (5ksi) and rebar with 414 MPa (main bar) and 275 MPa (stirrups).
    • The framing follows the typical rectangular arrangement.
    • Shallow foundation in a form of mat footing will be used to support the core shear wall.
    • Isolated footings will be used for individual columns of the moment resisting frame.
  • Locations of structural columns and major framing elements
    • See pictures below. It shows the locations of columns, main and secondary beams/girders, core shear walls, and footings.
  • Any special structural challenges
    • Sewerage tank may be needed below grade; so, I would probably re-assess the elevations of the foundation level to find a space for it.
    • The cantilever will be designed and presented in the next design check-in. I will need to reshape my mass element to accommodate a reasonable length of the cantilever. Overall, the main framing is shown below.