Kevin Lamp


Baseline is at 60.2

Building-Envelope Related Decisions:

  • Building Construction set to R-38 Wood
  • Southern WWR set to 80% because it had hardly any impact, and single clear glass type to save money due to the low impact it had.
  • Northern WWR set to 30%, ad double clear glass type.
  • Eastern WWR set to 15% to keep some natural light, but the eastern side had plenty of stress on the EUI. Glass type set to double clear.
  • Western WWR set to 2% because of the large stress it placed on EUI, glass type set to double clear.
  • All Window shades set to 1/2 height to keep with consistency, and because they had low impact on the overall EUI.

Power and Lighting Measures:

  • Plug Load efficiency set to 1.3 W/sF because I'm assuming this is an office/business building of sorts so plenty of watts will be needed within the building to keep business afloat.
  • Lighting Efficiency set to .7 W/sF due to the large WWR, so there should be plenty of natural light throughout the day.
  • Daylighting/occupancy controls

Photovoltaic Panels:

  • Adding Photovoltaic panels that last 30 years, are at 20.4% efficiency, and cover 75% of our roof surface, makes a huge difference compared to the other factors we looked at.


In order to keep my building realistic, I didn't lower every value to their lowest possible EUI. All components needed consideration of cost, priority, and impact. Overall, a high achieving photovoltaic system had the largest impact, whereas lighting/power and building-envelope decisions required more thought, but were essentially the same.