Lucie Nordman


Building Envelope-Related Design Decisions:

  • Wall Construction to R38 wood
  • Reduce window to wall ratio to 30% on Western and Eastern walls
  • Thermal properties of glazing surface to TrP LoE for Western and Eastern windows
  • Window shading did not make a big difference, thus I didn't alter it

Power and Lighting Measures:

  • Plug Load efficiency .6 W/sf
  • Lighting efficiency.3 W/sf
  • Daylight and Occupancy Controls (-.4 kBtu / ft² / yr)

b) I can drive the Predicted Mean EUI down to 24.5 kBtu / ft² / yr by adding the building envelope and Power and lighting measures.

Adding Photovoltaic Panels:

  • Surface Coverage 90%
  • Panel Efficiency 20.4%
  • Payback Limit 20-30 years

b) In addition to the prior changes above, I can get the overall EUI down to -17 kBtu / ft² / yr by adding PV panel measures to my overall design strategy.