Hannah Shabb

Jan 13, 2021 5:40 PM

Structure: Bones

  • The structure is similar to the bones or skeleton of an organism. It is what holds the building up and together, similarly to an animal.

HVAC : Body Temp Regulation, Breathing

  • The HVAC system should perform a similar task as an organism regulates it body temperature. The heating, cooling and ventilation should be monitored smart technologies that adjust according to the temperature and air quality inside the building. The ventilation specifically can be thought of as breathing, bringing fresh air in for building occupants.

Resilience: evolutionary changes adapting to locational stressors

  • The resilience or strength of a building in relation to place can be thought of similarly to the effects of evolution on an organism--creating resilience for the being in relation to its relevant threats and stressors.

Façade/envelope: skin, shell

  • The building façade is similar to the skin or shell of an animal, protecting the insides from the outside elements or dangers and holding the interior body together.

Electrical System: Nervous System

  • The electrical system can be thought of as the nervous system of an animal, sending signals throughout the building or organism and connecting the overall structure or being.