Kevin Lamp

Jan 19, 2021 10:11 PM

The complex nature of a biological system is something that shares many properties as design, especially within the more narrow scope of architectural design. One that comes to mind is the blood system within a body and how that compares to the electrical and ventilation systems within a building. These systems excel in transferring vital nutrients that make up the lifeline of the entity it is in. In today's day and age, electricity is almost as essential as oxygen itself so it can be compared to that of the blood system/nervous system. Another analogy I find can be attributed to the relationship between a building design and biological organism is the structural foundation and the makeup of bones. Bones are what hold the body together and allow for it to withstand injuries, trauma, etc. The structural foundation fulfills a very similar role in that, it allows for a building to hold its shape and withstand natural disasters and the elements.