Orlando Zambrano

Jan 14, 2021 12:46 AM

HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning): The nose can be consider as an outdoor air intake and at the same time an air filter. Then the air (oxygen) travels thru the arteries and return thru the veins, as the air flows thru ducts in a building. The heart is like the fans because it makes possible for the blood to travel. The other vital organs are like the different rooms of the building, because they use the oxygen to keep moving, as people on a building do. And the brain is the control panel for the HVAC system.

Structure: The bones are like steel rods, the muscles are the concrete. The legs are the foundation of the building and all the upper body can be the columns, floor slabs, primary and secondary beams. The structure of the human body is dynamic, not like buildings which are static. But this system makes both examples rigid if we consider human's standing position and a building.

Envelop: The fat can be the bricks or gypsum and rock wool. The skin is properly a photovoltaic panel, but in most cases is stucco and paint or curtain walls. The mouth can be all the exterior doors, the eyes can be windows, the nose works as facade louvers. This system provides thermal isolation, energy production, granting inside access, outside visuals and air circulation.