AnaClare Sole

Journal Entry For
Module 7 - Building Envelope Systems

The overall goal of my building was to be 80% sunlit, so my overall building contains as many curtain walls as possible, especially in the exhibit spaces. Thus, right now I do not want to use any external shading features for curtain walls to maximize sunlight. There will be shades on the interiors. There are roof overhangs on the front and back, for shade where people will be outside. The walls are EIFS on Metal Stud with minimal windows. I may decide to change the non curtail walls to wood shingles, but for now the EIFS has great thermal insulation.

I am still deciding on whether I want the entire roof to be a green roof or just a portion of it. My original idea was to have a "viewing deck" on the roof- so if possible, I would like as much of the roof green.

Finally, my building has "pads" and my idea here is to have grass growing in between them instead of having one large concrete patio. This way, there is as much green and nature as possible.

This current building set up has a predicted EUI of 36.2 kBtu/ft2/yr which I am happy with.