Bryant Huang

Journal Entry For
Module 7 - Building Envelope Systems

Following the overall wind turbine form concept of my building, there are three wings – i.e., the "blades" – each with one side as a solid (solid wall) and the other void (curtain wall). These blade curtain walls have quite large overhangs which are either a terrace or a roof. The roof has an additional 2' overhang around the perimeter. This will mitigate much of the solar gains with the amount of curtain walls present. However, they do not necessarily support direct natural lighting. The central atrium – the "hub" – has a curtain system dome and will be designed to have low-e coatings to allow visible light to pass and reduce UV and infrared light passage.

The roof has a white top layer to (1) emulate the typical white color of wind turbines and (2) to reflect sunlight and minimize heat gain.

All floors will be exposed concrete in order to have thermal mass.

The floors are all concrete to