Haoyu Si

Journal Entry For
Module 7 - Building Envelope Systems

The initial Insight Analysis for my building is presented as below.

Setting the wall construction as the BIM Model and Operation Schedule as 12/5


Based upon the analysis, I conclude several advice on my building, so that the EUI can be minimized at this level.

Building Oreintation: 180 degrees rotation → -0.65 kBtu

WWR: The current design uses curtain walls a lot, which is one necessary idea of whole building. Even if decreasing WWR to 0% can have a minimum WWR effect on EUI, I will keep relatively large ratio for that.

Southern: 30%-40% → -6.36~-5.71 kBtu

Northern: 30%-40% → -1.14~-0.73 kBtu

Western: 40%-50% → -2.93~-2.4 kBtu

Eastern: 40%-50% → -3.51~-2.88 kBtu

Window Shades:

Southern: 2/3 Win Height → -6.73 kBtu

Northern: As model → -1.16 kBtu

Western: 2/3 Win Height → -3.04 kBtu

Eastern: 2/3 Win Height → -3.67 kBtu

Window Glass:

Southern: Trp LoE → -7.56 kBtu

Northern: Trp LoE → -2.39 kBtu

Western: Trp LoE → -4.43 kBtu

Eastern: Trp LoE → -4.9 kBtu

Roof Construction: R19 → -0.02 kBtu

Lighting Efficiency: 0.3W/SF → -5.77 kBtu

Daylighting and Occupancy Control: Only → -2.68 kBtu

Plug Load Efficiency: 0.6W/SF → -5.57 kBtu

PV: Panel Efficiency: 20.4% → -10.55 kBtu

PV: Payback Limit: 20-30 years → -23.73 kBtu

PV: Surface Coverage: 30% → -15 kBtu


Since I still have technological issues about BIM, I will try to complete all the window and glazing as soon as possible. Also I will change the roof to a green roof instead.

The exterior curtain walls will be decreased to half wide as before to decrease the so large current WWR.