Jordan Brinn

Journal Entry For
Module 7 - Building Envelope Systems

I wanted to try to design a passive and energy efficient building for a colder climate (think Colorado ski town) scenario. As such, I wanted to use windows and thermal mass to let in and absorb as much heat and light from the sun as possible while considering the tradeoff between the inherent heat loss through conduction and convection in buildings with higher window to wall/floor area ratios. In climates with cold winters and mild summers, extra dollars spent on high r-value windows and heavy wall insulation can often more than pay for themselves quickly with saved annual energy usage and upfront HVAC capital costs.

I did not need to add much shading on the outside of the building because the slanted faces are enough to block sunlight in the summer months. I want to explore more with internal light shelves to maximize daylighting use and minimize glare