Kevin Lamp

Journal Entry For
Module 8 - Structural Framing Systems

The overall strategy for my structural framing model began off as breaking my building into distinct shapes/sections. The main building frame, which keeps the atrium open, the tunnel/towers, and the outside balcony. For the most part, it is a basic design with standard sizes for all of the beams and columns. As for material, I prefer steel because it is strong and durable. Similarly, although it is bold, it can blend into the design of a building fairly easily. The only component that became complicated is the connection between the tunnel and main frame where there are a dense amount of columns. Here, I strategized by using smaller columns, but had them placed on corners and load-bearing sites. My longest beams, spanning the direction of the atrium, are 32' but most others are around 20-30'. This part will be challenging and crucial in the next module when we analyze the longest beams.


Link to Structural Framing Model: