Stephanie Gady

Journal Entry For
Module 7 - Building Envelope Systems

Project location: Spokane, WA (cold climate)

  • The features of the building envelope include location-appropriate siding materials, including water-resistant wood siding and double-paned windows, and weather-appropriate asphalt shingles for durability in the snow and rain
  • Exterior non-curtain wall surfaces include water-resistant wood siding for thermal comfort and durability. Exterior curtain wall surfaces include double-paned windows without glazing to keep heat inside the building and still let in natural light during the winter
  • Windows are all double-paned to increase energy efficiency and allow the structure to remain warm in cold winters. Windows don't have glazing because adding glazing would minimize natural heating. Largest curtain wall systems are along the eastern and southern sides of the structure to allow for optimal light in the morning (naturally heating the structure) without harsh western light shining on the exhibition space
  • Each curtain wall includes interior thermal shades, which can be drawn at night to minimize heat loss during the coldest parts of the evening