Stephanie Gady

Jan 16, 2021 8:06 PM
Property 1

Two of my personal favorite exhibitions include the Elemental Calder exhibit at the San Francisco MOMA ( and the Clarion Alley mural wall in San Francisco's Mission district ( While these two spaces are very different in that one is in a museum and the other is in a public space along a commuter route, they are similar in that the exhibit spaces themselves are designed to emphasize the artwork. The elemental calder exhibit features a large, off-white circular room - the simplicity of the space allows one's eye to be drawn to the works themselves without distraction of the surrounding area. Similarly, the Clarion Alley mural wall features a black asphalt walkway and, save for the murals themselves, black and grey walls along the path. This allows one's focus to remain on the artwork rather than the surrounding structures.