Asymmetric Gable Frame - Module 8

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Image of Your Structural Frame Line Geometry

This project helps designer perform a preliminary structural analysis for an assymetrical gable roof frame.

The user can define the building footprint (in the form of a rectangle). They can also define the overall shape of the roof, by specifying the coordinates of the gable point, i.e. the point where the slope of the roof switches directions. The roof can be set to perfectly symmetrical by setting the "roof left side percentage" variable equal to 50% (of the overall width of the structure). Alternatively, the user can explore more unconventional designs by changing this percentage value, in addition to exploring different values for the vertical offset of said point (from the column height).

The user can also control the height as well as the density of the columns. The same applies to the roof purlins. Finally, X Braces get automatically generated to provide additional structural support to the columns and the roof purlins.

Once the line diagram has been generated, Revit structural elements get assigned (by the user) and a Robot Structural analysis is run. In the current script, we are analyzing the case of live loads applied to the roof purlins, but this can easily be altered in the script. The results (max stress, max bending moment, and max displacement - per member) can get visualized with a color map, where green = the smallest value and red = the highest value. It should be noted that a red color does not necessarily mean the part is failing. It only indicates that these members are experiencing the most stress/ bending/ or deflection, depending on the parameter visualized.


Image of Your Dynamo or Grasshopper Graph Nodes


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Visualization of Your Structural Analysis Results