Cooper Russell

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Cooper Russell
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Module 4 - Rise or Shine
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This was a pretty fun assignment. I first panelized by nurbssurface from the last assignment and tracked down an image to put onto it (a Matisse paper cutout). I then sampled from the image and applied the sample color to the adaptive rectangular panels. Frustratingly, my image source had a gray border that messed up the looks of the image on the structure. To fix this, I manually removed all of the border points from the sampling grid (adjusting grid sizes so I would still have the right number of samples to map to panels. I realized that this trimming needed to go after the image orientation manipulation because the transpose function wouldn’t do anything to an already flattened list. Embossing by brightness was not working very well for me because of the lack of variable brightness in the image, so I instead manipulated height based on the R value in the RGB image samples.