Gabriel Lipkowitz's Ripples

Student Name
Gabriel Lipkowitz
Submitting For
Module 2 - Ripples on a Pond


I generated the cylinders by extruding circles, instead of generating cylinders directly in the Dynamo environment. To me, this was logical because we were changing the extrusion heights, parametrically of course!

The heights of the cylinders were set by:

  1. Their distance from the center "pebble" (at point 5,5), operated on by the sine function; and,
  2. A diminishing effect, also set by their distance from the center "pebble"

The center pebble had a non-zero height. The radius of all cylinders was 0.5, instead of the default of 1, to ease visualisation.

After calculating the heights of the extrusions in Dynamo, these cylinders were cast as Revit elements.