Joshua Nathen

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I created sliders to change the number of steps as well as the step sizes for both x and y coordinates. The step sizes can increase up to 20 and the number of steps up to 50. I created points and then summed them into a flat list. The attractor point coordinates can thus range from 0 to 1000 for both x and y values. Using the FamilyInstance.ByPoint node, I created cylinders at each point and then used the DistanceTo node to calculate the distance between each point and the attractor. Then I created a "Calculate Height" code block for baseheight + amplificationfactor*(Math.Sin(wavinessfactor*distance), with sliders controlling all the variables except distance. The outputs of the DistanceTo node feed into this code block. The outputs of this code block are then used for the height values in the Element.SetParameterByName node called "Change Height". I also included a node to change the radius of the cylinders, with a code block that controlled the radius values by applying a scale factor to the step size between points on the grid. The maximum radius is set to be 0.5*step size so that the cylinders can never overlap.