Module 2

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For the module 2 assignment, I started by creating a grid of points in Dynamo. The end and step value are set using a slider so that the grid points can be easily changed. Then, I added cylinders at each grid point in dynamo with a standard height. Next, the attractor point was created with a slider for x and y coordinates, so that the point can be moved easily. The next step was to have the cylinders mimic a sign wave, or ripples. First, the distance between each grid point and the attractor point was calculated. This is multiplied by "number of waves," which can be adjusted to create more or less ripples. Then, this value is plugged into the sine node, multiplied by an amplication factor, and added to a base offset to ensure no negative values. Step 4 is to create the revit elements. The family type is a cylinder, and the height of the cylinder is adjusted to mimic the sine wave. The radius of the cylinders is set as 2 with a code block, and the number can be easily changed. Finally, the last step was to have the waves diminish as they get furhter from the attractor point. To do this, the calculated height offset was divided by the distance from attractor point + 0.01. The 0.01 is added to ensure it is never divided by 0.