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The inspiration for my project was from a recent project in Chicago as part of the willis tower renovation. A glass parabolic roof was installed as part of the renovation that kind of has a wave to it and has some rectangular panels, so I wanted the top of my structure to look similar to that. Several aspects of the structure can be easily changed. For the overall geometry, the length, width, and height of the structure can be easily changed using number sliders in dynamo. Futhermore, the sine wave that controls the look of the top of the structure has sliders for the amplitude of the wave and number of wave. In order to flex the adaptive components, there is a number slider to change the number of ribs. Furthermore, there is a place in dynamo to change the radius of the adaptive component tube. To flex the number of adaptive panels, the number of panel points on each rib can be changed with the integer slider. The height of the adaptive panel can be changed with a number slider as well.