Module 3 - Give Me Shelter



Dynamo Model:


Revit Model:


Description of Modeling Process:

I started off modeling a series of points for the Length, Width, and height. These parameters were made into number sliders so that later I could change how they affected the model on a larger and smaller scale. The Height Parameter (Z Axis), was a bit tricky to model. It needed to have 3 inputs from the initial sliders rather than two to control a mathematical formula to determine the line being made between two other lines. I pulled the number sequences together and made a list.create function. This was created because I wanted all the points to be together. Watch nodes helped me a ton on this assignment. I used them on pretty much every major new node to see what was going on with the number sequence. A curve.PointAtParameter node was created after. I needed this node to put the points in a 30 list fashion. It was created through a parameter controlling the number of points in a code block (CB). A watch node was created to see the affect of the points. Shortly after, pairing of the points happened. A List.Transpose node was inserted. This creates and transforms 3 lists of 30 into 30 lists of 3 points. This is helpful because we want to see all the first points getting paired together, and the 2nd and 3rd pairs too, etc. When the geometry is formed it will take the points (in the order given) and make them into curves. nurbscurve.ByPoints is added. This adds the points into a curved line. Next, adaptiveComponent.ByPoints and Family Types are added. This allows the curves and points to have meaning and add the tube family into my project. The tube fit perfectly into the 3 points because it was adaptive to 3 points.

In the second part of modeling I added the sin wave function to the Y Axis and took the points created and applied them to that sin wave curve. Division and panels were added in the end to give the model a more parametric look and an ability to be controlled and manipulated in the future. Maybe with materials and colors.