Module 4 - Rise and Shine

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Image of My Model

Paste screenshots of your model geometry here showing your surface with the effects applied:

  • For 2 units: a first image showing your image mapped to the surface
  • For 3 units: a second image showing your embossed or debossed surface
  • For 4 units: a third image showing your panels adapting to sun directness

Figure 1: Flat Image Mapping


Figure 2: Emboss/Deboss of Image



I first created a surface to use from three different arcs since I made my Module 3 in Grasshopper. I used the Rect_Seamless Panel-4pt to panelize the surface and then mapped the image onto the surface. There are two nodes to allow the user to both transpose the original image and then choose between various flipping options. I then created a pattern to adjust the height for specific panels based on their brightness. There is also a node to choose between the emboss or deboss effect. This height adjustment can be controlled by the parameters of the remapping node.