Module 5 - Flex Your Form

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  • For 2 units: Part 1 only - one of the provided building forms
  • For 3 or 4 units: Part 1 and Part 2 - your original building form


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Paste screenshots of Summary Tables (created in Word, Excel, Google Sheets, or some other data table tool) showing the input values tested and the values computed for each of the reported parameters.



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The provided parametric tower form "Parametric Tower - One WTC - Twisting" was modified so that the "flat side" properties at Top, Middle, and Base could all be modified freely (initially some of these were hard-coded to be tied to the Base lengths and the base flat side lengths). This slightly modified family was then saved as "Parametric Tower - One WTC - Twisting_modified" and inserted into the Revit model. The base parameters were modified as shown in the Revit file, specifically the flat side lengths and top rotation were adjusted to show a more interesting geometry. Then Dynamo was set up to allow all of the "non-flexed" parameters to be set up manually through a series of string code blocks and a single element.setparameterbyname node. The custom node BuildingForm.EvaluateSingleOutput was modifed to accept three output parameters and was used to run an analysis where the height of the building was varied from 500 to 750 ft, and the three desired parameters' ouput data were exported into Excel.