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There are two metrics that I’m interested in when evaluating my tower, which are total floor cost and solar insulation for roof. In terms of cost, when ensuring the height is 750 feet maximum and the total floor area is at least 1,200,000 SF, I would like to minimize the cost as much as possible. In this case, the ground floor is set as $500 per SF, the highest floor $1000 per SF and the cost linearly increases along the height. On the other hand, for solar insolation, I assumed that the top floor of my building is occupied by plantations completely such that more the sunlight, better it would be. In this case, I wanted to maximize the solar insolation for the roof surface. Initially, I thought that there would not be a direct interaction but after I came up with two separate outputs, I realized that there is tradeoff to be considered to come up with the “best” cases. I firstly found three minimum values for these two metrics and then saw how they interacted. For the solar evaluation, top 1 to top 3 occur at 10 (Base Rotation) – 650 (Mid Depth), 0 – 650, 10 – 610 respectively. Regarding the cost, it ranks like 20 – 570, 10 – 570, 0 – 570. Then I needed to do some tradeoff when coming up with the ultimate top 3. There is a minor difference in solar insolation when picking 10 – 570 versus 10 – 650, but the cost is significantly different. So, I would choose 10 – 570, second cheapest with enough solar insolation as my top 1. Similarly, I chose 10 – 610 as my top 2 with adequate solar insolation but just a little more expensive. In terms of top 3, I would consider 20 – 570, the cheapest one with a lower solar insolation. But I may also consider the future maintenance cost that would be adding to the initial capital cost so that the total cost is still manageable.

In short:


AlternativesBase Rotation (degrees)Mid Depth (ft)
Top 1
Top 2
Top 3