Module 8 (Alternate) - Charting Your Own Cours

For All students:

Image of Your Model


Image of Your Dynamo Graph Nodes


For 3 or 4 units:

Description of my created problem

Inspiration for this final project came from walking the Stanford campus last weekend with a friend and one thing which anyone cannot miss is the number of water fountains on campus.

For my problem, I was asking how do we best locate a new fountain in a given site such that its views are maximized not only for students passing the fountain but for educational buildings in its proximity while also placing this water fountain closest to the nearest water supply line in order to minimize pump energy needed and cost of piping per length of pipe. Generative design served a powerful tool where I set the fountain location using u and v values, added my supply water line on Revit before importing its geometry and dividing the pipeline into multiple point coordinates. I then found the minimum distance between the fountain location and pipeline point coordinates. For this generative tool, I was varying the u and v coordinates. For the world I created, my generative optimize tool found that locating the fountain at u-value 0.12 and v-value 0.96 gave the shortest pipeline distance of 39ft and 344 successful sight-lines as shown in the below screenshot.


Overall I have enjoyed this class and am inspired by the numerous possibilities that generative design holds in informing design decisions from a qualitative point of view. Thank you to the teaching team for rendering a high quality fun class!