Orlando Zambrano

I began exploring how parametric design tools can help me in a meaningful way on my work. I work on a wood industry and I really admire the tool of module 8.3.B.1. That's why I decided to go a little further with that code and add more inputs and outputs. In my mind, when someone asked me in the future how much will cost the timber structure of x building, I will enter the aprox dimensions of the project, the sections of the structural elements, the cost of the CF of the wood they require, and I will get outputs like, timber cost, encapsulated CO2 in the building, how much raw material do I need, how many Kiln Dry runs I have to make, which gives me a timeline for the drying process before making the beams and columns, and the weight of the structure, which gives me an idea of the number of platforms I will need to hire to get the structure to the job site.

I must say thanks to the teaching team. I really enjoy this module and I will had this tool for future projects.

For All students:

Image of Your Structural Frame Line Geometry


Image of Your Dynamo or Grasshopper Graph Nodes


For 3 or 4 units:

Image of Your Structural Framing Elements Model