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For this assignment I took inspiration from the Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid that will be remodeled to be a closed stadium (on top). I wanted to analyze the different outputs from modeling a closed stadium vs open stadium. My outputs show the cost for the structure based on the steel volume, the capacity of the stadium and the revenue that would have based on a full capacity match day. As for the inputs, the dimensions of the field are linked to the size of the stadium; the bigger the field, the bigger the stadium. The field was designed taken the official dimensions of a soccer field, the minimum and maximum. To give a better design, the middle curve was sine wavified and the facade of the stadium was panelized, which was set as an input as well (U and V panels). I created a boolean mask to be able to compare both designs (open vs closed). The capacity of the stadium was based on the number of people per m2, averaging these numbers from different stadiums.

As for the structural elements, I placed beams and cylinders with the purpose of giving a better aesthetic, covering the beams inside the cylinders. Also, I placed spheres on the nodes.

The model was designed to be able to compare different designs based on the parameters mentioned above with Generative Design.

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