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The Design Decision I Studies

In line with Module 6, I chose to vary my buildings mid-height polygon rotation, and the top height of the building. With this, the script evaluated the number of building panels, the sun intensity, the number of sun direct sun views, and the number of unobstructed views out from the surrounding buildings. These Galapagos requires one fitness value, so the fitness equation is below. If the max floor area is exceeded (1,500,000 sqft), the fitness evaluation is equal to zero.

Fitness=2Sun IntensityNum of Panels+Num of Direct SunNum of Panels++Num of Clear ViewsNum of Panels+Floor AreaMax Floor Area\text{Fitness}= 2*\frac{\text{Sun Intensity}}{\text{Num of Panels}}+\frac{\text{Num of Direct Sun}}{\text{Num of Panels}}++\frac{\text{Num of Clear Views}}{\text{Num of Panels}}+\frac{\text{Floor Area}}{\text{Max Floor Area}}

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Galapagos does not do a random study, and the interface is less elegant then Generative Design. In this run, I have 50 particles, and the fitness is evaluated, then as the algorithm runs it will narrow down the design choices until it finds the optimal solution.

From the image below, we can see that the over all best decision is when the Mid-Rotation is 60.9 degrees, and the building has a total height of 868 feet. If someone wanted to weight these options differently, it would be as simple as multiplying by some weighting in the fitness function.