Ripples on a Pond - Mia B

Image of My Model



So I went the double-pebble-drop approach detailed in the Module 2 brief. In doing this, I created two sine wave functions that would convey the pebbles (adjustable points on the grid) dropping and with some addition of those functions, created a ripple that has a wave interaction between the two pebbles and then a continued dispersal outward of the ripples from each of the individual points of the drops. It is a bit on the softer side of ripples, but let's just say the pebbles were really small and light. 😁 I did have some trouble with the Cylinder.ByPointsRadius node, so to bypass it, I used the Clyinder.ByRadiusHeight instead, so I turned my point list into a coordinate system with the CoordinateSystemByOrigin node and just went with that instead. It still all pretty much worked out the same and I didn't have any weird horizontal cylinders, so I considered it a win. Other than that, I pretty much followed the brief to minus a few math inputs of my own and fiddled my way to the result above.