CEE 120/220 Series | Spring 2022:
Meet Your Teaching Team
CEE 120/220 Series | Spring 2022:
Meet Your Teaching Team

CEE 120/220 Series | Spring 2022: Meet Your Teaching Team

Glenn Katz

Glenn Katz is an educator at Stanford University, focussing on courses integrating BIM, systems integration, parametric design optimization, and sustainable design principles, as well as leading the building design team at Bearington Studios — a design firm in San Jose, CA.

Glenn has over 40 years of industry experience working at the intersection of AEC, education, and technology.  He created the Autodesk BIM Curriculum for AEC and publishes extensively through his educational website at www.bimtopia.com and his YouTube channel – BIMtopia – which has over 9000 subscribers and 1.7 million views.

Glenn graduated from MIT, where he focused on architecture and structural engineering, then completed the M.S. degree program in construction management at Stanford University.

Nicolas Ortiz Abello


Email: nicolaso@stanford.edu

Phone: 650-713-7664

Zoom: https://stanford.zoom.us/my/nicolasortizabello

Nicolas Ortiz Abello is a student in the Sustainable Design and Construction program at Stanford University, focusing on how technology and innovation can change the way we design, construct and operate the built environment.

Before coming to Stanford, Nicolas spent 3 years working in the non-profit and international development sector. He applied BIM, Drone Scanning, AI and Automation to retrofit and reconstruct houses affected by earthquakes in Asia and Latin America. Some of his work has been showcased in Autodesk University lectures in 2019 and 2020.

Nicolas studied civil engineering at Universidad de los Andes, in Colombia, with emphasis on construction management.

Gabriel Lipkowitz


Phone: 650-441-7449

Gabriel Lipkowitz is a PhD student in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University, focusing on 3D and 4D printing working with Professor Joseph DeSimone. His research involves designing and simulating new digital fabrication methods, with applications in deployable and self-assembling structures, soft robotics, and adaptive facades.

Before coming to Stanford, Gabriel was at Princeton University and Imperial College London.