Annalena Bellm

Annalena Bellm

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Module 2 - Ripples on a Pond
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Annalena Bellm - 2 units

In order to model the pond with ripples due to a pebble dropped into the pond, Dynamo was used to allow parametric design. First, a grid was created that dictates the size of the pond that will be modeled. To allow users to quickly adjust this value, integer sliders were added that change the size of the pond in the x and y direction. Next, the pebble drop location was added using similar methods to the grid creation. After this, the cylinders were modeled which added the depth to the pond. The ripple effect is created by varying the height of the individual cylinders in a sinusoidal wave. This was easiest done in a code block, as shown in the screenshot of the dynamo file. As part of this model, the wavelength and amplitude of the waves can be adjusted using an number slider. To add a more realistic feel, blue color is added to the pond to simulate the water color. Finally, to allow the model to be edited in Revit as well as Dynamo, the cylinders were added to the family type Mass - Cylinders with parameters “height” and “radius”.