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Module 2 - Ripples on a Pond
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Chinasa Onyenkpa
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Modelling Approach:

I created a square grid of points and I set up a point in the middle of the grid to be the pebble location. The grid of square points was the base for each of the cylinders, I then used a sine wave that depended on the point distance from the pebble to be the height of each of the cylinders. The height of each cylinder was the base offset added to the sine wave multiplied by the wave amplitude. I modified the amplitude of the sine wave by an integer divided by the distance from the pebble to diminish the height of the wave the further you get from the pebble. I added a small offset so that no amplitude value is equal to infinity. I used a color range and color by ARGB to make the cylinders have a gradient color of white and turqoise to make it more visually appealing. I then created the mass elements in revit by linking it to the revit cylinder family in dynamo and setting the parameters of radius and height equal to the values I created in dynamo. I grouped my visual program into blocks that described what the function of the code in that section was for. This helped my code to look more visually appealing and make it easy for other people to follow it.