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Module 2 - Ripples on a Pond
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  • My first created a grid of points in Dynamo, which serves as the first point used to create the cylinders in Dynamo and also the points used to create the Revit Mass objects.
  • Then I created another point for the pebble, and wrote the logic for the sine wave. One thing I changed is to add an offset and a phi to the sine input, so that I can alter the behavior of the waves and make then look more realistic.
  • I used the output of the sine wave as the height of the cylinders. In Dynamo, I had to create another set of grid points with identical x and y values as the first set but with the height as the z values. I then used this grid as the second point used to create the Cylinders. For Revit, I used the Element.SetParameterByName node to change the heights.
  • Finally, after verifying that the logic works and tuning the input values, I divided the height by the square root of the distance so that the waves would diminish as distance from the pebble increases.