Jimmy Yang

Module 2 (April 8)

Ripples on a Pond – 4 Credits

Aim: Group processes together but also keep them modular enough to help with my own understanding.


  1. Creating an array of points to form a grid (cross product/referencing).
  2. Make sliders to allow the user to choose the position of the two pebbles’ x and y coordinates.
  3. Create a function (similar to the one Glenn showed in the example video) to modify the z values of each cylinder based on the distance between said cylinder to the location of pebble 1 and pebble 2. Then sum up the resulting heights from the two pebbles assuming constructive and destructive interference.
  4. Using the original grid points as the base (start point), and the new z values as the top (endpoint), can now create cylinders in Dynamo to see this function in action!
  5. Once I confirmed that the script was working, I linked it to the Revit cylinder family and reattached the node blocks accordingly so that they affected their corresponding parameters for the cylinder family.