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Module 2 - Ripples on a Pond
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Joe Lomuscio
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I made sure to create integer or number sliders for any values that I could possibly want to change at any point.

I began by creating a complete grid of cylinders of all the same size.

After making sure that all of the cylinders came out right, I then proceeded to create the pebble coordinate.

Then I used the distance function to creator the attractor.

Again using integer sliders in combination with equations and the sin function I was able to create a value for the height of the cylinder that would change based on the coordinate of the point.

I found coding the equations a lot easier than creating different boxes for different mathematical operations.

I was able to create diminishing ripples by dividing the height above the base height by the distance from the attractor.

I finished by changing my sliders until the design matched what I wanted.