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Share a brief overview of your proposed tool or solution (1 page max) that outlines the essentials of your plan. It should include:

Intended users

This tool can be used either by clients who are aiming to build a simple structure or the designers for the beginning processes.

Need you’re trying to provide a solution or support for

Sometimes it can be hard to picture what a 1-story, 2-story, or 3-story house of the same square footage looks like. Given a certain lot size, restraints for buildable lot size, and set square footage of the building, users can see different options for their structure. They can choose a number of stories and given their square footage, a rudimentary structure within the lot restraints will be built in Revit.


Lot width, lot depth, front setback, rear setback, side setback, square footage, number of stories, wall type, roof overhang, and roof type.

Underlying logic of the model you’ll implement

The lot size will be formed by a rectangle and then made into a surface. The buildable lot sizes will use the lot surface and setbacks to translate the geometry into a new surface. From there, the floor will be decided on the floor area and number of stories, the walls will change level constraints using the “IF” node, and the roof level will use a simple math node using an offset node, number of stories, and height of each level.


The output will be a Revit building form with a floor, walls, roof, buildable lot, and actual lot.