Meera Rao


For this module, I started by creating a grid of points and then placing cylinders on each point. The dimensions of the grid could be controlled by integer sliders. Next, I created a point to represent the pebble with sliders to control the x and y coordinates. To find the height of the cylinders, I computed the distance between the pebble and each of the points. This distance was used as the input to a sine wave, and sliders were used to adjust the amplitude and number of waves in the sine function. Lastly, the cylinder heights were diminished based on the distance from the pebble, and this new height value was added to the base value, which was adjustable. This final height was fed into the z point of the end points of the cylinder. The equation used to diminish the pebble was the result from the sine function / (0.05*distance+0.01).