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Module 2 - Ripples on a Pond
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Ted Bolte
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Figure 1. Dynamo Model of Ripples on a Pond.

I started my modeling approach by familiarizing myself with the basic features of Dynamo, as I have not previously used it in conjunction with Revit. With this, I began the project by altering the number of nodes and making sure that the points were laced correctly. Once I was comfortable with this, I placed the pebble at the center of the grid and began to build my code block. I then worked with a code block to define the cylinder heights and behavior. After I had the initial model built, I began to play with different ways to diminish the ripples as the distance increased away from the pebble location. This resulted in the end product that is shown from Dynamo (Figure 1) and in my Revit model (Figure 2).


Figure 2. Revit Model of Ripples on a Pond.