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Module 2 - Ripples on a Pond
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Ye (Kalina)
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Initially, a 50x50 rectangular grid of points were set up for cylinder locations. Then, a pebble drop point was located within the grid with sliders for adjustment later. Then, the distance between each grid point and the pebble point was calculated, and . Subsequently, cylinders were put on each point. The dimension of the cylinders is the fun part to work with: the radius is adjustable with a slider; the height of the cylinder is follows a sine wave shape. The previously calculated distance list was amplified with an adjustable number with a base height to ensure its positive value, and this modified distance list was then input to the sine wave. The frequency of the sine wave is also adjusted based on the distance with a multifier. Lastly, a mass cylinder Revit family was loaded and similiar procedures were followed to defined the parameter of the cylinder. The size of the grid was enlarged to 188x188 after the above steps run smoothly to better demonstrate the ripple shape. Of course, this size can be changed easily with sliders.